Resending Promotional Emails to Non-opens = 55% Revenue Boost

Dustin Lien
December 1, 2020

Christmas and the new year are two of the biggest weeks for ecommerce revenue every year, next to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

I wanted to share a really quick and simple tactic we used with a couple of clients to increase revenue from email marketing up to 55% on Black Friday...and it takes literally 5 minutes (AND you can use it any time of year including Christmas and the new year).

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You spend a ton of time and energy coming up with a great promotion, you put your best effort into writing and designing a great email campaign, but when you send it out, the open rate is NOT what you were hoping for.

And when the open rate is low, the revenue is low too :(

It's such a bummer.

Here's how to get more revenue out of the work you've already done, in 5 minutes:

Resend your email to people who didn't open it.

Yep, that's it. (I told you it was simple!)

Here are the quick and dirty steps:

1. After at least 24 hours, go to your email's statistics, and find the list of people who DID open your email.

2. Export a list of those email addresses (or create a segment if you don't want to export).

3. Create a new list (or segment) in your email software called "Already opened YOUR PROMOTION"

4. Upload the list of emails you just exported to this new list.

5. Clone the email campaign you already sent, and when selecting who to send your email to, select your same email list but also EXCLUDE your list of people who already opened.

6. Change the subject line, and send!


It's really that simple to add extra revenue, and the best part is, you don't have to worry about "annoying" your subscribers because the ones who already opened your first email are excluded from the re-send.