Our Approach

Customer Relationships Matter

We believe in an audience-driven approach to marketing that focuses on customer relationships first. On a practical level, that means we make decisions based on how certain marketing tactics and strategies can improve and deepen the relationships your customers have with your brand to create long-term trust and revenue sustainability.

Your customers are talking...are you listening?

What gets your audience to take specific actions? Why do people want your products? What stops people from becoming customers? How can you serve them better?

These are important questions to ask when developing or refining your strategy. We’ve found the best revenue-generating ideas come from simply paying attention to your audience and customers, and building from there. We get this information through audits, research, surveying, and studying analytical data. The internet equivalent of "listening" :)

What are you trying to achieve?

Every business has current objectives they’re trying to achieve, and though they change and evolve over time, there’s always a specific goal at hand. Do you want more customers? Better average dollar spend per customer? More email subscribers or website traffic? Asking these questions from the start help us take a more calculated and data-informed approach to helping you get to where you want to go.

Putting it all together.

Once we know what you want and what your audience wants, we follow our tested and proven processes for creating and executing a marketing plan that works. We also believe in involving you in the strategic process, because after all, nobody knows your business better than you, and that’s valuable insight we don’t want to waste.

Company values

Our "Jump-isms"

A business without values is like a sailor without a compass—screwed.

1. Always be learning something new.
2. Do the right thing, especially when it's difficult.
3. Deadlines matter. If deadlines are unreasonable, we say something. If something happens and we're going to miss a deadline, we ask for help.
4. We look for improvements, and offer up solutions before we're asked.
5. We take our work seriously so we don’t have to take our work too seriously.
6. People are more important than products and profit.
7. Trust is a priceless asset.